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Announcing Tune Pop!

NEW! TUNE Pop now supports TASKER!

To enable TASKER support, follow instructions below.

Do you use your Android phone with GPS Navigation while playing music in your car? 

When a new song starts, ever wonder what that song is, or who the artist is? 

Now you have to grab the phone and look at it and swipe the notification bar, just to see what the song is or who the artist is?. 

Do you use your Android phone to read email, or browse the web while listening to music in the background?

You know it's a hassle to stop what you're doing to see what the name is of the song that just came on. It's all too much trouble, so you don't bother, and you just keep wondering. 

Tune Pop is the answer! Tune Pop will pop up the Song Title and Artist name, as a toast popup. Now when a song starts you will be alerted with the title and artist of the song. 

Tune Pop has been tested with the following Android Media player apps (no scrobbling required): 

. ANDROID native media player
. HTC media player
. LASTFM (Internet Radio!)
. TuneWiki - Tune Pop Shoutcast!) - TuneWiki coming with the next Android market version of TuneWiki

TunePop has also been tested with the following Android Media Players. For these apps you need to enable scrobbling:

. DOUBLETWIST (SDCard music)
. CUBED (3)


To enable TunePop, you just need to enable Scrobbling in the player settings. 

With the exception of WINAMP. you don't need Last FM or Scrobble Droid, just enable scrobbling. You don't even need a LASTFM account. 

For PLAYERPRO, enable scrobbling using SIMPLE-Last.FM because of an issue with scrobbling using ScrobbleDroid in PLAYERPRO. 

WINAMP requires installation of the free LASTFM app. It does not require a LASTFM account, only that you have the app installed on your phone. 

Tune Pop should work with most media players that support scrobbling. 

Want more features? UPGRADE to Tune Pop PRO!

Tune Pop PRO adds the following features: 

TICKER - the song title and artist appear in the Notification Bar as a ticker instead of or in addition to the popup
SCREEN POSITION - Change the position of the popup from the center of the screen to the top or bottom

FONT SIZE - Change the size of the popup window and font

DISPLAY FREQUENCY - Have the popup appear periodically, in increments of 15 seconds, in case you miss the Tune Pop at the beginning of the song
Just purchase and download Tune Pop Pro and it will automatically enable all advanced Tune Pop features. 

Do you use a media player that Tune Pop doesn't support? We can try and make it work if it has an API or supports scrobbling. Just let us know.


Now, you can enable or disable Tune Pop using TASKER tasks. This is especially useful if you want to only enable Tune Pop in certain situations, such as only when you are driving and your device is car docked. 

To disable Tune Pop using tasker, you need to create a TASKER task that executes a BROADCAST ACTION INTENT. 

This can be accomplished by creating a TASKER task manually in TASKER, or by importing  TASKER task XML. 

FIRST: Go into TUNE POP Preferences page and ENABLE TASKER SUPPORT. 

To create a Tasker Task manually:
  • Go into tasker and go to "Tasks" and select "NEW"
  • give your task a name such as "ENABLE_TUNEPOP"
  • Select "MISC" as the ACTION CATEGORY
  • SELECT "ACTION INTENT" as the action
  • Enter the proper action (case sensitive): 
    • com.happyvampire.android.TunePop.PREF_ENABLE
    • com.happyvampire.android.TunePop.PREF_DISABLE
  • Make sure CAT is "None" and target is "Broadcast Receiver"
  • Press "DONE", then "DONE" again, then "APPLY"
  • You can now use your task as part of a TASKER profile to enable or disable Tune Pop
To import Tasker tasks:

Bob Thompson,
Jan 6, 2011, 10:54 AM
Bob Thompson,
Jan 6, 2011, 10:54 AM